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<ol><li><strong>INTRODUCTORY PROVISIONS/strong>
<strong>1.1.</strong> These business terms and conditions (the <strong>"Terms & Conditions"</strong>) of <ins>Bikenet s.r.o.</ins>, limited liability company,
<strong>1.2.</strong>, with its registered office at <ins>Páterní 7, 635 00 Brno, Ceská republika</ins>, identification number: <ins>25590481</ins>,, entered in the Commercial Register maintained by <ins>the Municipal Court in Brno</ins> Section <ins>B</ins>, file <ins>14865</ins> (the<strong> "Seller"</strong>) regulate the mutual rights and responsibilities of contracting parties arising in connection with or under a purchase agreement (the  <strong>"Purchase Agreement"</strong>) concluded between the Seller and another natural person or legal entity (the <strong>"Buyer"</strong>) using the Seller’s online store. The online store is powered by the Seller at <ins></ins>, using a web interface (the <strong>"Web Store Interface"</strong>).
<strong>1.3.</strong> The  Terms & Conditions shall regulate the rights and responsibilities of the parties using the Seller’s website located at <ins></ins> (the <strong>"Site"</strong>) and other related legal relations. These Terms & Conditions shall not apply to cases where the person who intends to buy products from the Seller places an order in the course of his/her business.
<strong>1.4.</strong> Additional/different provisions can  be established in Purchase Agreement. The provisions stated in the Purchase Agreement take precedence over the provisions stated in the original Terms and Conditions.
<strong>1.5.</strong> The provisions stated in these Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the Purchase Agreement.  The Purchase Agreement and the Terms and Conditions are written in the Czech language. Any translation of these Terms and Conditions is intended solely for the Buyer's needs.
<strong>1.6.</strong> The wording of these Terms and Conditions can be changed and appended by the Seller. This provision does not violate any rights and responsibilities arisen during the time of operation of the previous wording of the Terms and Conditions.
<li><strong>USER ACCOUNT</strong>
<strong>2.1.</strong> Based on  the Buyer's registration made at the Site, the Buyer can access the Site through their user interface. The Buyer can use the user interface to order goods (the <strong>"User Account"</strong>). The Buyer can also order goods without a registration directly from the Web Store Interface.
<strong>2.2.</strong> When registering on a web page and ordering goods, the Buyer must provide correct and complete information. The Buyer must update all contact data indicated in the user account promptly upon any changes. Data indicated by the Buyer in the User Account and when ordering goods are considered by the Seller to be correct.
<strong>2.3.</strong> The access to the User Account is secured by a username and  password. The Buyer has a duty of confidentiality in respect of credentials required to access the User Account and acknowledges that the Seller takes no responsibility for any breach of privacy that may arise from the Buyer.
<strong>2.4.</strong> The Buyer is not entitled to grant access to the User Account to a third party.
<strong>2.5.</strong> The Seller can remove the User Account, in particular if the User Account has not been used for <ins>1 year/ins>, or in the event of breach of the terms of the Purchase Agreement (including the Terms and Conditions).
<strong>2.6.</strong> The Buyer acknowledges that the User Account may not be accessible at all times, in particular due to necessary maintenance of the Seller's hardware and software equipment, or any necessary maintenance of hardware and software equipment of third parties.
The Web Store Interface contains a list of goods offered by the Seller for purchase, including prices of the goods offered. The prices of the offered items are quoted including the value added tax and any related charges. The goods offered for purchase and their respective prices shall remain valid during the time they are displayed at the Web Store Interface.  This provision does not limit the possibility of the Seller to conclude a Purchase Agreement under individually negotiated conditions. The offer of goods at the Web Store Interface are not binding and the Seller is not obliged to conclude a Purchase Agreement.
<strong>3.2.</strong> The Web  Store Interface also contains information about packaging and shipping costs (valid only when the goods is delivered to addresses within the Czech Republic).
<strong>3.3.</strong> When ordering goods, the Buyer fills out  an order form at the Web Store Interface. The order form must contain in particular the following information:
– ordered items (the Buyer adds the ordered goods to the e-shopping cart at the Web Store Interface);
– the method of payment for the  goods and the requested shipping method; and
– information about the costs of delivery (hereinafter jpintly referred to as the<strong> "Order"</strong>).
<strong>3.4.</strong> Before submitting the Order to the Seller, the Buyer is given the possibility to check and change the order data and to find and correct mistakes made while filling out the order form. The Buyer submitts the Order to the Seller by clicking the <ins>"Confirm"</ins> button. The data provided in the Order are considered by the Seller to be correct. Immediately upon the receipt of the Order, the Seller will sends an email to the Buyer confirming the receipt of the Order, using the e-mail address specified by the Buyer in the User Interface or in the Order (hereinafter <strong>"Buyer's E-mail Address"</strong>).
<strong>3.5.</strong> Depending on the nature of the Order (quantity, purchase price, expected shipping costs), the Seller is always entitled to request teh Buyer's confirmation of the Order (e.g. in writing or by telephone).
<strong>3.6.</strong> The contractual relationship between the Seller and the Buyer is established upon the delivery of the Order receipt (acceptance) sent by the Seller via e-mail to the Buyer’s e-mail address.
<strong>3.7.</strong> The Buyer acknowledges that the Seller is not obliged to conclude a Purchase Contract, in particular with persons who have already been in major breach of the Purchase Contract (and the Terms and Conditions).
<strong>3.8.</strong> The Buyer agrees to conclude the Purchase Agreement via remote means of communication. The costs incurred by the Buyer in  concluding the Purchase Agreement vie the remote means of communication (Internet connection costs, telephone call costs) shall be paid by the Buyer.
<strong>4.1.</strong> The buyer pays the price of goods and related shipping costs according to the Purchase Agreement using one of the following payment method:
- cash payment at the Seller's premises at  <ins>Páterní 7, 635 00 Brno, Czech Republic</ins>;
– cash on delivery at the location selected by the Buyer in the Order;
– via bank transfer to the Seller's bank account no. <ins>123456789/0200</ins>, at <ins>Czech Bank </ins> (the <strong>"Seller's Account"</strong>);
– via <ins>PayPal</ins> payment gateway;
– via payment card;
– payment made by a third party.
<strong>4.2.</strong> Except the purchase price, the Buyer shall also pay packaging and shipping costs. If not explicitly stated otherwise, the Purchase Price includes the shipping costs.
<strong>4.3.</strong> In the case of cash or cash on delivery payment, the Buyer is obliged to pay for the goods on delivery. In the case of wire transfer, the Purchase Price has to be paid within <ins>5 working/ins> days  after Purchase Agreement conclusion.
<strong>4.4.</strong> In the case of wire transfer, the Buyer has to indicate the variable code when paying the Purchase Price, and the Buyer's payment obligation is considered to be fulfilled when the agreed amount is credited to the Seller's account.
<strong>4.5.</strong> The Seller is entitled to request the full Purchase Price payment prior to the shipment of the goods to the Buyer, in particular if the Buyer does not provide any additional confirmation of the Order (section 3.5).
<li><strong>FINAL PROVISIONS</strong>
<strong>11.1.</strong> Should a relationship related to use of the Site or a legal relationship based on the Purchase Agreement contain an international (foreign) element, then the parties agree that any such the relationship is governed by the Czech law. The consumer's rights under the general law remain unaffected thereby.
<strong>11.2.</strong> The Seller is entitled to sell the goods under a trade license and no other authorization is required from the Seller. Checks and inspections are undertaken by the municipal  Trade Licensing Office within its scope.
<strong>11.3.</strong> Should any provision of the Terms and Conditions be invalid or ineffective or become invalid or in effective, it is replaced by a provision the meaning of which as close to the invalid provision as possible. The validity of other provisions is not affected by the invalidity or ineffectiveness of a provision. Changes and amendments to the Purchase Agreement or to the Terms and Conditions must be put in writing.
<strong>11.4.</strong> The Purchase Agreement including the Terms and Conditions is archived by the Seller electronically and is not accessible through the website.
<strong>11.5.</strong> Contact information of the Seller: shipping address: <ins>Páterní 7, 635 00 Brno, Czech Republic</ins>, e-mail address: <ins></ins>, telephone <ins>+420 544 502 000</ins>.