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Combinated floating pump PMČ KATARAMO 1800/4,7 and sewage pump MKČ KATARAMO 800/4

Combinated floating pump PMČ KATARAMO 1800/4,7 and sewage pump MKČ KATARAMO 800/4

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The floating pump unit PMČ KATARAMO 1800/4.7 in combination with a sludge pump MKČ KATARAMO 800/4 is designed particularly for pumping and transportation of clean or dirty water using mainly for fire and rescue units and then in municipal services, agriculture, construction, forestry and wherever commonly used pumps are unsuccessful. The floating pump unit is placed on a unique positionable two-float support system that allows you make operating changes in the overall dimensions of the unit according to operational needs in the area of deployment and storage options according to the disposition of the vehicle. The floats are made of PP and against eventual the sinking are filled with PU foam. Centrifugal pump unit is powered by a gasoline engine HONDA GXV 390 with an output of 10.3 HP / 7.6 kW. The unit can operate in two modes: • In the classic floating pumps PMC (the max. pumping capacity Q=1800 l/min. and a head H=47 m (4.7 bar). • In mode classic sludge pump MKC (pumping capacity Q=1050 l/min at a suction lift of 1.5 m. To work in the MKC the aggregate shall indicate a simple adjustment with the aid of suction knees and water flood valves that are installed on the suction and discharge side of the pump (both fittings are provided above standard equipment). After the installation you get from floating pump classic motor slurry pump, with whom you can, with the help of suction hoses B-75, pump dirty water eg. during floods, or to use his power to fire water supply. Other parameters of the unit: • Output conection the hose coupling B-75 • Through of grain to 8 mm • Transport dimensions - floats together (LxWxH) approx. 910 x 710 x 650 mm (including handles) • Working dimensions - floats from one another (LxWxH) approx. 910 x 910 x 490 mm • Curb weight approx 62 kg Note: • These dimensions are indicative, since the design can vary according to the customer's requirements, for example in handrails, etc.! • By deploying example. Branchpipes B without nozzle on the discharge side of the pump get interesting alternative jet propulsion for your boat or other vessel! • By purchasing parts of floating suction strainers PSK 110 DRAKE Big or PSK 75 DRAKE Smoll to create another interesting a technical means of for sucking water through the suction hoses from shallow water sources!