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Positive pressure ventilator PAPIN 606 (PPV 80 / HONDA GX 270)

Positive pressure ventilator PAPIN 606 (PPV 80 / HONDA GX 270)

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The PAPIN 606 (PVP 80 / HONDA GX 270) is a compact, portable, easy-to-use device designed to vaporize the recessed space by positive pressure (PPV) ventilation. Description and use: • Compact steel frame is adapted for simple transport and tilting of the fan with the possibility of placing two fans on top of each other. • The location of fans on top of each other and next to each other allows ventilation of objects through large industrial gates, or even ventilation of smaller tunnels. • For greater stability when used on inclined terrain, the frame at the bottom is provided with retractable stabilizing supports. • The fan is designed to use UHAMO 606® and MUHAMO 606® universal fire extinguishing modules. • The fan has a pull-out headlamp with a switch at the top. The headlamp is fed through the engine's motor spool. Technical parameters: • HONDA GX 270 petrol engine power unit • Engine power 6 kW / 8.2 HP at 3600 rpm. • Impeller diameter 606 mm • Rated output 25,000 m3 / hour. • Effective power of 80,000 m3 / hour. • Headlamp (H3) with 50W power, or LED headlamp • Dimensions (WxDxH) 670 x 650 x 810 mm • Total weight approx. 45 kg