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The combined ventilation system SAVEC 500 S

The combined ventilation system SAVEC 500 S

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The SAVEC 500S combined ventilation system is designed to ventilate smoky areas by sucking by negative-mode suction (NPV) or Positive Ventilation-Overpressure (PPV). For this use, the device is provided with a positioning device that allows the device to be tilted on the discharge side by 5.10 and 15 °. Due to the high suction air suction air and its pressure drop, the device can be successfully used as a device: • To combat smoke and reduce temperature in fire-damaged buildings • To supply clean air and thus to vaporize rooms and other enclosed spaces • For supplying compressed air as filling media (eg jump rescue mattresses) • For the control of combustion gases or gaseous substances in outdoor fires and holes of dangerous substances, Technical data and parameters: • HONDA GX 160 power unit with 3.6 kW (4.9 HP) • Maximum suction output (NPV) of 11,000 m3 / hour • Nominal power (PPV) 14,300 m3 / h • Efficient power output (PPV) of 34,500 m3 / hour • Impeller diameter 500 mm • The device is equipped with a hinged headlamp (H1 / 50W or LED headlamp) • Dimensions (LxWxH) 1050 x 400 x 680 mm • Weight approx. 48 kg Note: • The device is designed to use universal UHAMO 508® and MUHAMO 508® fire-extinguishing modules to provide water mist or light foam to the area of application. • Price without suction and discharge hose!