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Universal extinguishing module UHAMO 508

Universal extinguishing module UHAMO 508

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Universal extinguishing module UHAMO 508® is designed to produce extinguishing foam or water mist. Used in conjunction with overpressure fans (PPV) series PAPIN 508. Manufacture of the foam in a standard way using a foaming solution and forced air supply. The actual foaming foaming atomized solution then there is a special mesh fabric. As a source of air is used air capacity of the fan plenum. Extinguishing water spray is formed into a powerful water jet and to the place of deployment is transported by the pressurized air stream from the fan. It supplied in a PVC sleeve length of 5 m for guiding light foam. Technical Specifications: • Working pressure 4.0 to 10.0 bar • Flow (water / foam-forming mixture) 211 to 304 l/min • The throw fog stream of 5-30 m • Guaranteed amount of fire extinguishing foam 35 m3/min (at a pressure of 4.0 bar and 3% admixing with a number of foaming ca. 140-160) • Water supply hose coupling DIN C-52 • Manometer 63-10 • Dimensions (LxWxH) 850 x 290 x 580 mm • Weight approx 10.0 kg • The time for putting into operation about 60 seconds.