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Mask drying cabinet MTS 180

Mask drying cabinet MTS 180

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The dryer is designed for drying 18 different types of protective masks of breathing apparatus. Description of the device: • The device is made of aluminum profile cabinets with double doors made of transparent, unbreakable glass. • Drying is carried out using hot air produced by a hot air blower. • The masks are attached to a special rotating bracket. The quick drying of the masks is ensured by rotation of the holder in the drying cabinet space. • Warm air from the fan flows through 4 holes, right from the rotating masks. • Digital thermostat control with digital temperature display. • Time switch with 120 min. timer. • Removing water from the masks is collected in a stainless, removable tray. Standing or wall-mounted parameters: • Capacity 2x9 protective masks (storing) • Drying time approx. 30 min • Heat output approx. 2900 W • Dimensions (WxHxD) 1000 x 900 x 750 mm • Weight approx. 60 kg Note: Stand construction or wall mounting. Notice: Due to the correct ordering of the mask adapter, please specify the mask type! Thank you!