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Fully automatic hose hanging system SBA

Fully automatic hose hanging system SBA

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Fully automatic suspension system SBA is designed for drying fire hoses in drying towers. The hoses are hung in a special hose holder and then pulled out by a hose lifter either half-folded or full-length to the top of the drying tower. Ergonomic design, combined with optimized automation, provides a very good overview of all features. Adaptation of the system to existing or planned buildings is usually done in agreement with the prospective user, the contractor and the manufacturer. The capacity of the hoses to be hung is variably adjustable according to the layout of the drying tower. The system has the following features and features: • Variable capacity, adapted to the drying area of the drying towers, • Optimal use of variable number and length of hose rows • Very good corrosion resistance due to the use of stainless steel and aluminum profiles • Fully automatic workflow with SPS driver, easy to use with one person • High operational safety • Lifting and lowering into any position • Specific hanging in different directions • Very easy maintenance and repair • Double overload switch to protect the operator • Store hoses in any position in a variety of operations and in different lengths • Possibility to hang different hose sizes Basic construction conditions: • Tower height min. 22,50 m for hanging full length hoses • Tower height min. 12,50 m for hanging folded hoses • Suspension eye centered in relation to the suspension hole Note: Due to the high variability of the equipment, we will send you the price after consulting our sales department! At the same time we will consult you for a professional installation! Thank you for your understanding! For more information, please refer to the enclosed catalog-technical data sheet or on request!