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Fire extinguishier 9 l with F-500 agent

Fire extinguishier 9 l with F-500 agent

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Manual fire extinguisher model WA9F-500 (9 l water with 2% extinguisher F-500). General description of fire extinguishers F-500: • Manual fire extinguishers type WA F-500 are refillable fire extinguishers with internal pressure cartridge • After removing the appropriate safety collar, the activation of the fire extinguisher WA6 F-500 and WA9 F-500 will be performed by a hatchet system • The WA 3 F-500 is pressurized by pressing the upper lever of the valve • Using a hose and nozzle, the fire extinguishing agent stream can be directed and directed towards the source of fire • The extinguishing medium consists of water and the F-500 Encapsulator Agent • In fire extinguishers, the F-500 is stored in special cartridges that open when the fire extinguisher is activated (therefore, these models are especially easy to maintain) Examples of areas of use: • Fire fighting of materials of different types within fire class A, especially plastics, rubber and lithium-ion batteries • Machining industry • Installation with Euro crate • Repair shops, tire stores, pallet warehouses • Waste disposal operations • Charging stations and storage lithium-ion batteries • Photovoltaic systems • Liquid glass and flammable metals • Formula 1 races • Households Special features of F-500: • Fluoride-free fire extinguisher • Fast and completely degradable • Environmentally friendly cartridges with easy-to-maintain ingredients • Extinguishing agent approval according to UL, EN • NATO F-500 fire extinguisher number • No sedimentation (complete mixing, no incrustations of narrow cross-sections) • Very resistant to corrosion (pH 7) • Visible smoke suppression • Complies with EN 3 requirements for usability on electrical systems (up to 1000 V, minimum distance 1 m) • Proven and secure delivery technology, simple and safe operation • Easy maintenance (repeat parts, large service hole, separate fire extinguishing) • Fire extinguisher with integrated pressure relieving function (for WA 6 F-500 and WA 9 F-500) • Range 4 m to 6 m • No limitation of fire extinguishing • Reduced surface tension of extinguishing improves extinguishing action (wetting effect) • Increased surface activity improves penetration of extinguishing agent into flammable material • Very strong cooling effect due to early release of energy into extinguishing water (phase change begins at approximately 70 ° C) • Encapsulating burning substances, preventing the emission of flammable vapors • Proven inner and outer plastic finish of the container, 100% pressure test of each container • Meets ASR A2.2 requirements to reduce damage and fire performance • Approving fire extinguishers according to DIN EN3 and the Pressure Equipment Directive (CE) The WA9 F-500 is the perfect fit • Quantity of extinguisher 9 liters of water with 2% extinguishing agent • Extinguishing water + F-500 concentrate in closed float cartridges • Rating 27 A (9 LE) • Temperature range of application a + 5 / + 60 ° C • Weight 14.9 kg • Dimensions (WxD) 280 x 510 mm • Exposure time approx. 41 s • Effective range of approx. 5 m • Certificate (CE, EN3 (according to Directive 2014/68 / EU) Note: For a more detailed description of the extinguisher and its use, see the enclosed catalog sheet!