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Fire module HMKR 300/80-RAPID 30/200-ESR-HONDA 630

Fire module HMKR 300/80-RAPID 30/200-ESR-HONDA 630

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Fire extinguishing equipment modulus HMKR 300/80-RAPID 30/200 is intended above all for of make immediate fire attack by high pressure water and foam. It consists of supporting frame made from highly resistant and light composite profiles and gridiron, whereat is purpose placed sectional polypropylene tank with 300 l waters, 2 pc of 40 litre oval-shaped tank on foam concentrate or other chemical extract (disinfection solution, wetting agent, etc.), high pressure extinguishing aggregate VHZ- RAPID 30/200 RSR and high pressure flow reel with hand winding mechanism with service brake supplemented 4- way roller and 60 m 1/2 high pressure hose powered by quick coupling connection for water or foam branchpipe. The tanks you are then to purpose interconnected systems of sucking, fulfilling and force pipeline and fittings. Module to standard version is completed halogen extensible headlight (H1/50W) and two high pressure gun type branchpipes on water and foam. Extinguishing unit, reel and high pressure gun are for reasons operative using and easy service standardly placed in front of module. Further technical and design data: High pressure extinguishing aggregate VHZ RAPID 30/200 RSR, like independent structural element, assemble from high pressure feeder plinger pump (max.flow 30 l/min, max.service pressure 200 bar), drive unit with electric start (4 cycle petrol motor HONDA GX 630R with prformance 16,1 HP/12,0 kW), gear-box B18, regulation- relief valve VB 85 and level gauge. Pump with gear - box and motor be located on independent supporting frame. Equipment is standardly equipped admixture equipment PZ-6 with possibilities regulation at within the range 0- 6%. Tank on water is standardly powered harden reinforcement, breakwater, clearing (checking lid), water - gauge, hold - up opening and fulfilling and discharge inlets.Tanks on foaming agent are placed with the help of rotary holder on subframe. Tanks are equipped by fulfilling, eductive and deaerator armature. Basic proportions modulus (LxWxH) = 1700x1000x800 mm. Note: Dimensions they may stand by production additionally modified depending on general dispositional make - up and storage modulus to the vehicles, drawbar etc. Weight modulus including operational filling c. 850 kg. Modulus is dedicated namely for estate (fitting-in) to the small fire fighting truck series, fire and special biaxial platform trailer, in case of need to the by other special accessories or to loading on loading space place transport vehicle, trailer and buggy. Modulus can be as well set on special 4- wheel manipulation trolley.