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Built-in water tank PPN 450 (450 l)

Built-in water tank PPN 450 (450 l)

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Polypropylene, built-in water tank with a capacity of about 400 liters of water. The tank is designed primarily as a component for smaller fire engines, special trailers and fire extinguishing modules equipped with high pressure fire extinguishing equipment types VHZ RAPID. The tank is equipped with reinforcements, a bottom mounting rim, two breakwaters, a revision lid, a watermark and technological inputs and outputs. It is made of polypropylene by means of technological welding, wall thickness 15 mm. The technological elements (PP) or the valves are then welded or screwed into the tank. Technical specifications: • Material of the tank and technological elements polypropylene • Woollams 2x • Inspection and cleaning opening 200 mm • C52 Fittings ( 50 mm) • Mouthpiece for fitting filler fitting 50 mm • Tank vent (overflow) 60 mm • Drain valve 1 • Floor mounting with 8 M16 screws through pre-drilled holes in the bottom tightening flange of the tank • Several side reinforcing stiffeners • Weight approx. 70 kg